is India’s first portal on dogs and vets, introduced in late 2005 by Trans Online Systems Private Limited with an idea to provide dog lovers and Veterinarians a common platform. It was realized that there is a need to deliver the benefits of IT and the Internet to dog lovers and veterinary communities.  So has been introduced to provide information using the best of the breed components. This Portal is managed by young and qualified professionals. provides on click of a mouse access to required information. Now dog lovers can know anything and everything about dogs by visiting Similarly veterinary students, researchers, young doctors can use this platform to put their ideas to common masses, publish their papers, articles online and can seek help from our experienced panel of doctors for their academic purposes.

We want to ensure, when millions of people take decision – to choose their companion (dog) or have any query, we are always there for them. is an online platform where dog lovers across the world can come together and find their required information/ solution.

Within a short span of its launch, has been adjudged as “fairly strong on information” by prestigious “Business India” magazine in their February 2006 issue, a grand recognition for team.

The Portal is surfed in more than 55 countries and, in its segment it has become one of the most popular sites in the world. Our picture gallery speaks volume of our popularity. probably has the world’s largest database of breeders. Today it has more than 27000 international breeders who have registered their details with is advised by Dr. O.P. Shrivastava who is honorary advisor of this site. He brings with him 30 years of rich experience in the field of canine treatment. He is M.V.S.C & A.H., PhD (Animal Reproduction) and is Professor Department of Animal Reproduction college of Veterinary Science & A.H., Jabalpur, India. His love towards dogs and sincerity compelled us to seek his guidance. intends to provide veterinarians all the possible opportunity for their career prospects and aims to make it a one stop career opening information source for qualified vets through Portal’s career section. Similarly pharmaceutical companies, government institutes, dog food manufacturers, veterinary related product/ service providers and others who require services of a qualified veterinarian can advertise for jobs on this Portal to attract most focused target audience.

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To pave a path for all the communities across the world and open a gateway for a wider interaction through our loyal companion dog and bind one and all in a common chain called love and peace.

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Dogs are our companion and not a commodity.

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The mission of is to provide people with a quality and timely information combined with spectacular web surfing experience to make dogs more popular among common masses. We strive to do this through eminent and dedicated people, superior technology, in-depth research, valuable content & services, and above all the highest quality of service delivered with a sense of warmth, understanding, respect, and company spirit. comprise of dedicated and hardworking people. The renowned and experienced people associated with are a result of our society oriented mission of the portal which is based on ethics, as mentioned in our belief. is dedicated to provide you with the required information on dogs and related product/ services and believes that no other portal can provide you with the value that can. So much so, that our services comes free of cost to dog lovers and veterinarians. is an opportunity to join hands and come under one roof. To get associated with and explore under a common platform, which will pave a path for the dog lover’s community across the world and open a gateway for a wider interaction and bind one and all in a common chain called love and peace.

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In this Portal- Dog Lovers/ Owners can:

·          Find information related to various breed of dogs, breeders, trainers, kennel clubs etc

·          Publish birthday messages for their dog (s).

·          Share their experience related to dogs and related product/ services with others.

·          Publish any article related to dog (s) and related product/ services.

·          Seek guidance from renowned international breed experts

·          Seek guidance from experienced panel of doctors on health, nutrition, grooming etc.

·          Publish picture of their dog in picture gallery. The best picture sent is published on picture of the week section.

·          Register for free dog care-related information through email.

·          Take benefit of host of other sections.

In this Portal- Vets can: 

·          Publish dog medication-related articles/ information.

·          Take guidance from experienced panel of doctors for their academics.

·          Keep their query for open discussion with other veterinarians.

·          Publish their details in Vet directory.

·          View job openings and other opportunities of various organizations in one place.

·          View list of all the veterinary colleges of India.

·          Register for free dog/ veterinary related product/ service information through email.

·          Take advantage of host of other facilities.

In this Portal- Veterinary Colleges/ Institutes can: 

·          Link their existing websites.

·          Add their details.

·         Publish their job vacancies and other opportunities.

·        Publish news related to seminars, conference, academics, veterinary science, dogs and related product/ service.

·        Publish news related to research and development, which may be of benefit to dog lovers/ owners and  veterinarians across the world.

·         Take benefit of host of other facilities.

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If you are a Breeder, Trainer, Pharmaceutical Company, Dog food manufacturer, Dog related product/ service provider or providing other Veterinary related product/ services then tap most focused target audience. can be a great source of information and new business leads who needs various products/ services and ones that your competitor is not aware of. We strongly recommend that you advertise on today, such that you can start expanding your business too.