Tips for Dog Food Storage

Tips for Dog Food Storage

Tips for Dog Food Storage

Dogs will eat anything: old chicken, crumbs, even their own vomit. That means that when it comes to making sure that your dog is eating well, the majority of the work falls on your shoulders. After all, you decide what they eat, when they eat, and how they eat it. You’re also responsible for storing your dog’s food properly. It may be surprising, but food storage is a huge factor in making sure your dog is staying healthy and eating right. Check out our tips for storing your dog’s food.

“Best By” Dates

Bags of dry dog food have “best by” dates to indicate how long you can keep the food. Most dog owners do pay attention to the dates on the bag to ensure that their dogs are eating safely. What many dog owners don’t know, though, is that once the bag of food is open, the date becomes inaccurate. Pet parents should only use the dog food one month after opening it if it’s been properly stored. This means that sometimes that “best by” date isn’t the most accurate representation of how fresh your dog’s food is.

Seal Bags

As soon as you open a bag of dog food, it loses freshness. Air can dry out and contaminate food, so you’ll want to minimize its exposure to the elements when possible. Try using a bag clip to close up food bags and ensure that your bag is as airtight as possible. You can also use airtight containers, which work well to keep air out and freshness in. If you do plan on using an airtight container, it’s best to keep food in the original bag inside the container. Packaging has important dates, codes, and manufacturer information that you may need if defects occur.

Store in a Cool, Dry Place

To maintain the nutritional value and shelf life of your dry dog food, you should store the food in a cool, dry place. Moisture often leads to mold in foods, even if it’s dry kibble. Therefore, avoiding places that are prone to moisture and extreme heat, like garages, is the best way to store your food. The back of a cool pantry is generally a safe bet for storing dog food. You should also be sure to store it in a place where your dog won’t be able to get to it. Sneaking extra snacks is detrimental to your doggo’s weight and wellbeing.

Seal and Refrigerate Wet Dog Food

Canned, or wet, dog food can last for a long time when it hasn’t been opened. However, once you open it, you have 24 hours to store it if your dog ends up not finishing it. You can keep the unfinished food in the fridge for three to five days after opening, but be sure to seal it securely and examine it closely before you give it to your dog. If it smells or looks different, just tosses it. Your dog’s health isn’t worth the risk!

Proper food storage is essential for maintaining your dog’s health and wellbeing. Use these tips as a guide to make sure your doggo is eating well!

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